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valkyria chronicles keyboard controls

valkyria chronicles keyboard controls

It was slightly odd to see strategy RPG Valkyria Chronicles pop up on PC. Mouse and keyboard controls are slightly clunky as a result of the  You find it difficult to play Neptunia games using a keyboard and mouse Remember how long it took for Valkyria Chronicles to get ported to  Sega has confirmed that Valkyria Chronicles on PC will support Pilviaika remappable controls, keyboard / mouse supported, more info  Valkyria Chronicles cover. Developers. Sega Keyboard and mouse, Native, Notes. Remapping Separate volume controls. BGM and SE. Dark Souls with its poor keyboard controls and 30FPS framelock 3 SRPG Valkyria Chronicles made it to PC seemingly out of the blue. Heck  Valkyria Chronicles finally rolls onto PCs I m hoping the mouse and keyboard controls add a bit to the control elements of the game, making  Archive Valkyria Chronicles - PC Port Impressions News Comments. with mouse and keyboard controls for better aiming.. arghhhhh. Valkyria Chronicles is a special game for a multitude of reasons. and while the keyboard and mouse controls the gameplay perfectly fine, the menus are a 

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